dynamic batching production line

Product introductionú║

 Batching system:

There are three types of batching: static, parallel static and dynamic. They are mostly underground batching. We can design and manufacture according to the output and space.

Blending systemú║

There are two types of blending: centrifugal and drum-type. You can choose one according to your output.

Packing system:

You can choose one automatic packing scale according to the materialsí» characters, the delivery way and the output.

  Production line


Our company has many yearsí» history in manufacturing facilities for fertilizers. We have cooperated with many famous fertilizer factories, such as Lunan Chemical Fertilizer Plant, Linyi Stanley etc.

This production line is composed of computer batching and control system, batching system, bucket conveyor, blender, quantitative packing scale and sealing machine.

Function character:

The whole production line is composed of batching system, blending device, lifting device, high-level storage bin, quantitative packing scale, roller conveyor, automatic sealing device and control cabinet. The 10-40T BB fertilizer production line is of high accuracy, fast speed and can print the report and check the instant batching accuracy. It can batch many kinds of materials and can feed the materials on the ground. Convenient to deliver, safe to operate. It is controlled by the computer and can reduce the labor and increase the output. There are many models for you to choose. It can stir evenly and thoroughly and easy to clean after work. It is adaptable to bad environment.

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